Are We Raising a Zapped Generation?

Cell phones, computers, Bluetooth, even baby monitors—so many of the wifi-powered devices that we use on a daily basis — not only emit EMF (electromagnetic fields), but more importantly rely on RF’s (Radio Frequencies) to function. A radio frequency is a “micro wave” — the same technology that your microwave oven uses when it’s set at very low power. This invisible force would perhaps be easy to ignore if there wasn’t a growing field of research uncovering the harmful effects of EMFs and RFs on the human body. Studies are still in process, but there is enough data to cause concern. These days, exposure to EMFs and RFs begins before a baby is even born (did you talk on your cell phone while pregnant? or use your computer?) and findings show that overexposure to RFs may trigger genetic changes in the fetus and potentially lead to autism in childhood.

As connectivity continues to be the ultimate currency, wifi is increasingly ubiquitous, with laptop computers in more and more classrooms and smart phones in the pockets of younger and younger kids. While many parents work to manage “screen time” imposing limits on how long their children can sit in front of their tablets or TV, few consider the impact of EMF and RF exposure on their family members. Until now. Sabine El Gemayel is a Los Angeles-based mother and documentary filmmaker who is currently wrapping Generation Zapped, a revealing film about the harmful effects of RFs on our tech-obsessed younger generation.

The idea was born from her own life experience. As she was touring middle schools for her older son in 2013, she found that hyper connectivity was a bold selling point for many of the schools she visited, both private and public. “One director was very proud that his school had installed wifi everywhere and given every student a tablet,” she told us during a recent phone conversation. “I saw seventh graders holding tablets and suddenly had an epiphany: if all devices emitted RFs to connect to the router then the classroom was like being inside of a microwave oven! Only then did I realize that Dr. Magda Havas made that same analogy based on her research.” Sabine explained that anything that communicates without a wire (hence, “wifi”) uses RFs and pointed out that some countries are clicking into the fact that RFs may very well be harmful, especially to those who are more vulnerable, like babies and children. In France, wifi is not allowed in nurseries. And in response to the growing understanding that wifi may harm a baby in utero — water conducts electromagnetic waves that go through the amniotic fluid and directly to the baby — it is now possible to purchase products that create a barrier between a pregnant belly and a wifi-beaming device.

What can you do to protect your family? Sabine shared a few easy steps to limit RF exposure that anyone can take:

• if you are pregnant consider purchasing a Belly Armor product. They are made from radio shield fabric, which has metal mesh embedded in the cloth. You can drape a Belly Blanket over your pregnant tummy before using a wifi-driven device. (Note: metal reflects RF so these products are best used away from other people or children because they can act as a reflector for the harmful waves.)
create a zero emission night time environment. Our cells regenerate at night, so to give your body a chance to recuperate from the work of the day and prepare for tomorrow, turn off your router and your devices during sleeping hours. This will prevent your body from being under constant attack throughout the night. You can place your wifi on a timer so it shuts off at the same time each night (an inexpensive lamp timer will do the job) and be sure to remove all electronic devices from the bedroom. And yes, that means don’t use your cell phone as an alarm clock!
• use Ethernet whenever you can.
• go old school with your baby monitor. Trade the modern wifi version for a radio monitor — and no, you won’t be able to watch your little one from your phone.

Sabine is currently raising finishing funds to complete this important film. Visit #GENERATIONZAPPED on #Kickstarter, to help bring awareness to health risks associated with wireless technology. And check out the trailer at, like and share the facebook page for tips on how to protect yourself and your family and tweet about it to raise awareness.

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