Are We Raising a Zapped Generation?

Cell phones, computers, Bluetooth, even baby monitors—so many of the wifi-powered devices that we use on a daily basis — not only emit EMF (electromagnetic fields), but more importantly rely on RF’s (Radio Frequencies) to function. A radio frequency is a “micro wave” — the same technology that your microwave oven uses when it’s set at very low power. This invisible force would perhaps be easy to ignore if there wasn’t a growing field of research uncovering the harmful effects of EMFs and RFs on the human body. Studies are still in process, but there is enoughRead More

A New Kind of Nesting

Expecting parents are notorious nesters, busying themselves with serious home baby-ification in the last weeks before the little one arrives. But I’m voting for a new kind of preparation, one that puts mama front and center. Sure, it may be fun to check out paint colors for the nursery and spend your preggy months decking out baby’s pad with jazzy mobiles and adorable wall decals, but the cold hard truth is that your tiny bundle of goodness doesn’t give a hoot about his room’s color scheme. Your baby has incredibly simple needs in his first weeks ofRead More

Big on Broth

The bone broth trend may actually be simmering after years in the spotlight where it made appearances in folksy-looking jars on the shelves of specialty shops, Whole Foods, and even entire stores dedicated to the golden-hued elixir (thinking of Brodo in NYC). Celebrities were busy touting its benefits and even the LA Lakers got behind the movement with Kobe Bryant attributing his recovery from a major injury to the healing benefits of broth. Some have even called broth the new coffee, choosing to fill their morning mug with chicken or beefRead More